The Posterity Project

The Posterity Project

The greatest story ever yours.

About the project

The Posterity Project is a platform that will enable anyone to share what they feel is important in whatever medium they are comfortable with. Writing, audio, video, song, painting, etc. It will be the antithesis to social media - no polarizing feeds curated for our detriment. By sharing the most important thoughts and moments in our lives, we not only enrich them, but we enrich each other in the process. We live beyond the age of procreation for a singular reason - to pass on wisdom.


When I was a teenager my mother unexpectedly passed away. This dramatically changed the trajectory of my life. She left behind a one-page holographic will, which was read aloud to me a few days after she passed. Shortly thereafter, the will disappeared. For the last two decades, I've often wondered what words she thought were important enough to write down. Would they help me as an adult? Would they help me with life? Would they help me right now?

I'm not alone in this missed opportunity to gain insightful wisdom.

Shortly before COVID-19, I was having a conversation with my 74-year-old father. By noticing how nostalgic he has become, I asked him if he would write down some of his stories or if he would be comfortable letting me digitally record them. When he is gone, I'll ultimately be able to know what was important to him - his perspective on life; the wisdom he wanted to pass on.

How you can be involved

Even though The Posterity Project is still in it's infancy, I'm dedicated to building a platform that will enable you to create and capture meaningful moments in your own life and in the lives of your loved ones.

Our genuine relationships in life are the only ones that truly matter.

If you find this interesting, please fill in the form below to get more information, updates, and a launch date.

Let's use technology in a meaningful way - Benjamin, founder, The Posterity Project.